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กังหันลม (ชม VDO กันให้สะใจไปเลย)2

VCO 11
Wind turbine

VDO 12
Six Barrel Savonius Vawt

VDO 13
VAWT with new Magnetic Levitation Axle

VDO 14
10kW Magnetically Levitated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine VAWT

VDO 15
Savonius Wind Turbine – VAWT in Saipan

VDO 16
Savonius Optimierung (หลักการล้วนๆ)

VDO 17
A moveable VAWT test rig incorporating 8 elements made from old drums, plywood , electrical conduit , a tirfor , etc .I made it on this old trailer chassis so it could be dragged around to the garage when lowered for construction and modification . the stabiliser bars can be removed when in transit. It could of course just be mounted in a solid concrete base without the need for guy wires.The top element has a shading vane to increase its effeciency & with a bit of modification this could be extended to all the elements .

VDO 18
WATERWHEEL PUMP (เครืองสูบน้ำพลังน้ำ)

VDO 19
กังหันจากยางนอก มอไชด์

VDO 20
กังหังจากกัยโคลล รถยนต์

VDO 21
wind turbine invention

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